Boxing Adventures in New York December 3, 2011

We have been fortunate in our years as Steve Flynn Enterprises and now as Langdon Flynn Communications to work on some of the most high-profile boxing events the sport has seen in the last ten years.  We have worked in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Mexico and Puerto Rico among others.  This week we have been in New York working on the Top Rank fight between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito II taking place at Madison Square Garden Saturday, December 3.

Our job is credentials and that may not sound like the most complicated job on the planet.  Imagine though, for a minute, being responsible for making sure that everyone working on the fight has a credential that gives them access to the parts of the building to make it possible to do their job.  Or, more importantly, NOT have access to the parts of the building where they shouldn’t be. At the end of the week that number is well over a thousand credentials, all made with different colors and different codes of access.  It is an extremely complicated process but one that we have perfected over the years.  It’s a way of bringing elements of control to an extremely chaotic week.

I have been to the Super Bowl, The World Series, The Final Four and The NBA Finals and there is NOTHING that compares to the atmosphere that exists in a building when the two main event fighters are walking to the ring.  And multiply that by about ten times when it happens at Madison Square Garden.  It really is the Mecca of boxing and Saturday night should certainly be no exception.  That feeling is always amazing because it comes at the end of a week’s worth of a tremendous amount of work.

A week like this is made even better when we work with a venue like Madison Square Garden.  Larry Torres and his team are, without question, the best building to work with when it comes to what we do.  To say that they have seen it all by now is an understatement but they work side by side with us to make the entire operation go seamlessly.  We always owe a great deal of thanks to the entire Top Rank team, especially Bob Arum, Todd DuBoef and Dena DuBoef to entrusting the operation to us.  And working with PR pros like Lee Samuels and Ricardo Jimenez is always great.

From a Partner and Co-Founder standpoint the team that we have here in New York is second to none.  Ceatta is the most organized, most responsible and most remarkable in the midst of absolute craziness.  She drives the week for all of us.  Chelsea has worked some big events and has found her inner “Hammer” when it comes to dealing with media.  Nanda is on her first trip with us but is coming along nicely.

We will all be completely exhausted when we board our flight back to Vegas on Sunday morning but it will all be worth it.  The rush that comes from a job well done compares to nothing.

–Steve Flynn

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